Children's Ministry at our Church


The spiritual formation of children is a top priority of our congregation. We believe there is no greater key to a child's physical, mental, and emotional development than a close relationship with Jesus. We want children and their parents to know that Jesus cares deeply for them. We promise that we will do our best to:

Maintain a safe growing environment

  • Creating an environment where children are safe, loved and cared for, and where every child feels welcome and included.

Focus on Gospel-Centered Learning

  • Growing to treasure Jesus above all else

Partner with Families in the Child's Spiritual Development

  • Walking alongside families as they disciple their children to follow Jesus

Promote Healthy Relationships

  • Sharing in a community where people are known and have a place to belong

Form Missionary Mindedness

  • Loving and serving others as we share the good news of the gospel

Use Developmentally Appropriate Materials

  • Engaging children at every age and stage of development

Encourage Children to have Fun

  • Experiencing joy as kids learn about Jesus together

Children's Ministry on Sunday Morning

We are currently redesigning our Sunday School and our adult Bible Study times so that parents and children can both go a little further in depth at an age-appropriate pace outside of the worship time.
We believe children are best served by being in the worship service together with their families. Pastor Paul does not mind having noisy children in worship. He believes the best place for families is up front where the children can see better. He has actually been known to preach with some of the more rambunctious in his arms.

If you prefer to have your child a bit separated from the worship environment, we do have a cry room at the back of the sanctuary. Some parents may feel more comfortable engaging in worship in this area as their children play.

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